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Asian Animals

This screensaver includes endangered species such as the Orangutan, the Asian Rhinoceros, Green Sea Turtles and the Asian Elephant.

Asian Elephants are seen in the Chitwan reserve (southwestern Nepal) where a project is being carried out to favor reproduction in captivity. There are very few Asian Elephants living in the wild left.

On Selingan Island, Malaysian Borneo (near the border with the Philippines), park biologists and volunteers are resident permanently due to a campaign to protect sites where Turtles leave the sea to lay their eggs. The main threat has become poachers much more than natural predators.

For thousands of years the turtles have been leaving the relative safety of the sea and crawling onto the beach until they reach a patch of trees or other vegetation. They then dig a hole in the sand using their front "flippers", deposit up to 400 or 500 eggs, cover them with sand and return to the sea. What happens today is that after the female turtle has finished her "labor", the resident biologists will uncover the hole, gently remove the eggs and place them in a safer place in an area which is constantly guarded. The new area is identified with pertinent details (date, number of eggs, etc.). The incubation period is about 3 weeks during which numerous forms of statistical data is recorded. The eggs will hatch more or less all at the same time and the infant turtles (about an inch and a half long) are brought to the sea shore where they will then have to crawl to the sea unassisted. Although the biologists supervise this, they won't intervene if natural predators (such as sea gulls) capture some of the new born turtles.

Some very common animals such as squirrels and monkeys as well as a large number of different bird species can also be found

Asian Animals Screensaver
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