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Tibet – Tibetan People

Almost completely surrounded by mountain ranges (including the Himalayas in the south and the Kunlun in the north), Tibet is largely a plateau located at an altitude of 16,000 ft (4,880 mt). Many of the mightiest rivers of Eastern Asia such as the Chang (Yangtze), the Mekong and the Salween originate in Tibet. The most important of these is the navigable Yarlung Zangbo (also known as the Brahmaputra) which follows an easterly course through southern Tibet. North of the Yarlung Zangbo are many salt lakes, the largest being Nam Co (Tengri Nor) in the east.

The inhabitants of Tibet are of Mongolian descent and speak a language of Tibeto-Burman origin.

During the past 50 years this region has often been in the news mostly as a consequence of the difficult relations with the Chinese rulers that consider Tibet to be merely a region of China. The Tibetan people as a whole dispute this view and, in some cases have paid with their lives or have been gravely injured or imprisoned to defend their view. We consider these images as a tribute to the courage and the patience of a population that has maintained hope no matter what problems have come their way.

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