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Malaysian Borneo

Borneo is a large island more than half of which belongs to Indonesia (the Kalimantan region). The north western part of the island belongs to Malaysia (the provinces of Sabah and Sarawak) and a very small part, on the western part of the Malaysian region, is the independent kingdom of Brunei (known for its petroleum riches).

This screensaver will show you images of Sabah and its amazing wildlife.

The capital of Malaysian Borneo is called Kota Kinabalu and was once known as Jesselton. Its name comes from Mt. Kinabalu (Kota means town) which is the highest peak in South East Asia (13,455 feet above sea level/4,101 mt).

The second city is called Sandakan, from which Sepilok, the well known Orang-Utan Rehabilitation Center, is only a short drive away (15 miles/25 km.).
A short boat ride north towards the islands on the border with the Philippines (25 miles/40 km.) lies Selingan, part of the "Turtle Islands". This is one of the few places on earth where the female of Green Sea Turtle leaves the Ocean to lay her eggs. The male never touches ground again after hatching. This island is rigorously protected against poaching.
To the south of Kota Kinabalu and along the Kinabantangan river is probably the world's biggest colony of Proboscid Monkeys (the monkeys with enormous noses).

Frequent open air markets can be found all over this region. One very lively weekly market is at Kota Belud, where bartering and haggling are commonplace.

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