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2017 Calendar - On the Roads of India

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South America

21 Screensavers

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1 - Argentina - Buenos Aires
Plaza de Mayo
Casa Rosada .jpg (5748 byte)
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2 - Argentina - Buenos Aires
Tango Show
La Ventana_ Tango Show_23.jpg (5400 byte)
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3 - Argentina - Buenos Aires  Barrio de San Telmo
View of the Calle Humberto Primero.jpg (6171 byte)
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4 - Patagonian Flora
Torres del Paine National Park_Balsam Bog.jpg (10049 byte)

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5 - Argentina
Valdes Peninsula
Punta Norte_View.jpg (5211 byte)
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6 - Argentina
Valdes Peninsula - Punta Norte
Copy of Sea lions male and female.jpg (27671 byte)
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7 - Puerto Pyramide and the Right Whales
A Whale .jpg (6136 byte)
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8 - Argentina- Elephant Seals at Punta Delgada
Elephant Seal Yawning.jpg (6051 byte)
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9 - Argentina - The "Pinguinera" of Punta Tombo
Punta Tombo_Penguin.jpg (5836 byte)
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10 - Argentina - El Calafate and Lake Argentino
Lake Argentino_Navigation amidst Icebergs.jpg (5498 byte)
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11 - Argentina - Perito Moreno Glacier
View of the Northern Front.jpg (4262 byte)
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12 - Argentina - Tierra del Fuego
Tierra del Fuego Nacional Park _Lapataia Bay.jpg (4830 byte)
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13 - Argentina- Ushuaia, a City at the End of the World
Avenida San Martin.jpg (7118 byte)
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14 - Argentina and Brasile - Iguassu Falls
View from the Brasilian side.jpg (5984 byte)
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15 - Chile - Views of Torres del Paine
View of the Tower from Hostaria Las Torres.jpg (5687 byte)
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16 - Chile - The Guanacos of Torres del Paine
Guanaco.jpg (4806 byte)
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17- Chile - Chilean Patagonia
Sunset on the road from Puerto Natales to Punta Arenas.jpg (4336 byte)
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18 - Falkland Islands - Carcass - A terribly nice island
Copy of Sea view.jpg (23110 byte)
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19 - West Falkland Island
Port Howard_The Settlement.jpg (21099 byte)
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20 - Falkland Islands - King Penguins at Volunteer Point
Copy of King Penguin overhanging the moltitude.jpg (14332 byte)
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21 - Falkland Islands
Gentoo Penguins
Copy of West Falkland_Gladstone_Gentoo Penguin.jpg (28687 byte)
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