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2017 Calendar - On the Roads of India

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A day in the old City

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A Coptic Follower.jpg (6034 byte)
A Coptic Follower

A Man Resting.jpg (5409 byte)
A Man Resting

A Shop of the Souk.jpg (7428 byte)
A Shop in the Souk

A woman at the Market near Damascus Gate.jpg (7976 byte)
A woman at the Market near Damascus Gate

Armenian Orthodoxy Patriarchate Road..jpg (6540 byte)
Armenian Orthodoxy Patriarchate Road

Easter Bread.jpg (8710 byte)
Easter Bread

Haram ash-Sharif or Temple Mount.jpg (8587 byte)
Haram ash-Sharif or Temple Mount

Jaffa Gate.jpg (7959 byte)
Jaffa Gate

Muristan Area - Man.jpg (7387 byte)
Muristan Area - Man

Muristan Area.jpg (4866 byte)
Muristan Area

The Church of the Holy Sepulchre.jpg (6253 byte)
The Church of the Holy Sepulchre


Jerusalem - A day in the old City Screensaver
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