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The Land of the
 Midnight Sun

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Northcape at 7110'21"N is the northernmost point of continental Europe
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North cape View_2.jpg (6882 byte)

Snowy Landscape in
 the Midnight Sun

North Cape view_5.jpg (5649 byte)

From Honnigsvag
to North Cape

Midnight sun at north Cape .jpg (2413 byte)

Midnight Sun
at North Cape

North Cape.jpg (4571 byte)

North Cape - The Globe

North Cape road.jpg (5745 byte)

North Cape
An icy road

North Cape_midnight sun.jpg (3880 byte)

North Cape
Peaceful and Sunny "Night"

North Cape_midnight sun_2.jpg (4171 byte)

North Cape
Sunlight at Midnight

North Norway_5.jpg (3660 byte)

North Cape
Northern Landscape

North cape air View.jpg (4599 byte)

Air View of 
Northern Norway

North Norway_3.jpg (5139 byte)

Fjord in Unsetting sunlight
Norway_Deer at North Cape.jpg (4766 byte)

North Cape

Norway-Midnight Sun Screensaver
Size 1,487 Kb - Windows 95/98/2000/NT 
11 images

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